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A moment of panic and despair …losing something of value and the feeling that no one is there to help. Millions of business and leisure travelers every year around the world confront one of the most seriously overlooked aspects of customer service in the travel industry: lost-and-found.

Great-Karma.com believes every time a traveler loses something of value, it is an opportunity for a company to lose, or gain, that customer for life. Caring about what a customer values most is proof that a business values its customers. Very few efforts can stir a customer to a greater level of loyalty then when a brand returns an item he or she thought was lost forever.

Great-Karma.com is transforming the lost-and-found experience for travelers and the corporations and enterprises that serve them. We are dedicated to reuniting more people with lost items more quickly and more accurately than by any other means.

We provide a reason to believe that something lost can be found. And we turn lost-and-found into an untapped business strategy to build customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.